SKON A1A2 Type Single Compression Cable Gland

Type A1/A2 Type Single Compression Cable Gland
Cable Types Unarmoured
Application For indoor and outdoor use with all types of unarmoured cable
where it is essential to provide IP66 or IP68 protection on the outer
sheath of cable for circular, unarmoured plastic or rubber
sheathed cables
Optional Thread Metric,NPT
Gland Material Brass(CuZn39PB3),Stainless Steel (304 or 316L),Aluminium(6082)
IP Rating IP66
Sealing Method Displacement type
Standard Seals (Nitrile): -20°C To +80°C.
On Request (Silicone) : – 60°C to +180°C
Finish Natural Brass or Nickel Plated or Electroless Nickel Plated
Accessories PVC S/ LSF Shroud, Lock Nut, Earth Tag, Serrated Washer.
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