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IEC standards for Explosive Atmospheres

Selection of Devices According to Zones Devices for use in Zone 0 Intrinsically safe ‘ia’ Flameproof ‘da’. Encapsulation ‘ma’. Optical Radiation ‘op is’. Equipment secured by special protection ‘s’ Ex sa. Devices for use in Zone 1 Electrical devices allowed for use in Zone 0, or Flameproof enclosure ‘d’ or ‘db’. Pressurized devices. Powder filling ‘q’. Oil immersion “o” or ‘ob’. Increased safety ‘e’ or ‘eb’. Intrinsically safe ‘ib’. Encapsulation ‘mb’. Devices for use in Zone 2 Electrical devices allowed for use in Zone 0 and Zone 1, or Electrical devices designed particularly for Zone...

Introduction to Cable Glands

Introduction to Cable Glands Cable glands are used to terminate electric cables to electrical equipment or electrical enclosures. Cable glands are essential to be fitted for the majority of electrical installations. The selection of gland type depends on a number of factors: Type of installation: domestic, commercial or industrial Indoor or outdoor environment Explosive atmosphere Corrosive atmosphere Cost Cable glands are ‘critical safety’ devices in the overall electrical system of a plant or installation. The importance of selecting and using the correct cable gland...

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